With many families navigating food allergies and intolerances, this collection of recipes is intended to make life a little easier.

Whether you’re navigating food allergies or simply seeking allergy-friendly alternatives, the recipes contained herein are intended to help you eat well.

All recipes at Freedom Kitchen Kids are dye-free, using only natural food coloring, dye-free candies, and dye-free sprinkles. In class, we never use peanuts, so you will find the recipes to be peanut-free.

Refined sugars have no place in the diet of our kids.  Freedom Kitchen Kids advocates for no refined sugar, using natural sources like maple syrup, honey, coconut sugar, and dates. Many recipes are “no sugar added,” like the sugar-free jam recipes. Let’s be clear that fruit has natural sugar, so sugar-free jam is not entirely sugar-free, it is just no sugar added.

cooking classes

Cooking classes that focus on healthy swaps and help families navigate food allergies. These recorded classes are a semester long and meet all culinary educational requirements for students.

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