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Summer break is a great time to cook together

This 12-week previously recorded cooking program teaches kids about cooking “in-season,” making fresh foods, and the value of preparing our own food while keeping their mind sharp with reading and math over the Summer.


Hi, I’m Lisa!

Cooking is the competitive advantage for your child. As a former IT Consultant turned health coach my classes are an experiential process to teach critical thinking. The courage, confidence and creativity gained will impact all areas of their life. Freedom begins and ends in the kitchen.

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the most important skill our kids CAN learn

It takes courage to get in the kitchen and try new things. With practice comes confidence. And creativity is the ability to “think outside the box” (quite, literally, in this case).

In this healthy cooking program, the kitchen is used to teach far more than cooking. While learning to cook, and prepare healthy meals, the kids are learning how to be resourceful.

This is a comprehensive program, the kids do hands-on cooking at home, following pre-recorded lessons with the instructor. The entire family will learn healthy living options through this program.

The curriculum covers basic nutrition while teaching the kids how to cook. Far more than an “activity” – these lessons are packed with education. Freedom comes from choice.

kid-APPROVED Recipes

teach your family to have a healthy relationship with food

The most important survival skill for our kids to learn has been put into a curriculum by a mom who has a passion for teaching.  Developing in them a sense of courage, confidence, and creativity, even “picky-eaters” eat their creations.